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There's a fly-in for Midwest Navioneers scheduled for Saturday, September 22!

While the notice is short, Daun Yeagley has stepped up and volunteered to invite us all to his neck of the woods on September 22 to take part in his EAA chapter's Vintage Aircraft Fly-in at Moraine Airpark (I73) near Dayton,Ohio.

The official event is for Saturday the 22nd; however, there will be a barbecue Friday evening and a movie at the hangar for anyone who wants to show up early. Camping is available as well as rooms and car rental in the area.

Breakfast and lunch will be served Saturday, and we can probably play airplane games of our choosing Saturday evening.

While this is not a Navion-exclusive event, there are three Navions based on the field and they'd love to have a gaggle (or more) come join the fun for the weekend!

We hope the weather is great and to see a bunch of MIDWEST NAVIONEERS in Dayton,Ohio on the 22nd!

You can RSVP to Daun Yeagley via email at or by phone at (513) 257-4131.

-Erich Rempert,President, Midwest Navioneers
(815) 679-8209

For more information on Moraine Airpark, click here.

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