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Welcome to Midwest Navioneers


We are a mutually-supporting group of pilots and aviation aficionados with a passionate interest in flying and, in particular, flying the Navion airplane. For several decades our enthusiastic people have been gathering from time to time for aviation events, flying contests, information-sharing, banquets, and even foreign travel. This is the Midwest chapter of a branch of the American Navion Association. Its members include folks from many parts of the United States.

Here's a report on one of our most recent activities, a gathering in Indianapolis to see the Red Bull Air Race and things connected with the famous Indianapolis 500-mile race. If you want more of a taste for our group, check out our latest newsletter by clicking here.

What's happening with the Midwest Navioneers?

We have some new faces at work planning events for Midwest Navioneers in 2018!

Meet Erich and Sue Rempert. They've agreed to take the lead in guiding our group. Erich has accepted the role of President of the Midwest Navioneers, Sue has accepted the co-pilot role and will also be working to keep us on track. Several other group members have volunteered to help, and they are now working on plans for events during this year. Currently plans include two fly-ins, one this spring and another this fall. Details will be announced as they are set.

Erich and Sue






Our previous event: Midwest Navioneers in at Indianapolis

We gathered in Indy. Those of us who flew in landed at the Indy South Greenwood Airport. Some of us drove and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express next to the airport. We enjoyed the company of some of the great people who are members of Midwest Navioneers. We shared some fine meals at a variety of interesting restaurants and we saw some wonderful things that can never be exceeded--until the next Midwest Navioneers fly-in, of course

6 Navions Dallara factory group gathers

Six Navions stand by at the Indy South airport. Flown by Marty and Alex Eveland, Dick Bihler and Paul Jachman, Alan Sickinger and Rick Oliver, Dave Bejvan, Chris Reynolds and Ken Ross.

The Dallara race car factory is impressive.
Okay, what does Dallara have for us next?.
Dallara car Putting on helmet Climbing in
Are we supposed to ride in this?.
Carol Zavada bravely accepts the challenge...
...and climbs into that hot seat.

One by one, our intrepid Midwest Navioneers take the wild, noisy ride! (and several other brave souls not shown here)
Carol Bob Caldwell Dick Bihler Shirlie Caldwell Gene Ruder Sue Rempert Paul Jachman Myra Abbott
Carol Zavada
Bob Caldwell
Dick Bihler
Shirlie Caldwell
Gene Ruder
Sue Rempert
Paul Jachman
Myra Abbott

To see and hear what this ride looked like, click here for a video made by a couple of our participants.

And click here for more photos from the Indy fly-in.

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