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We are a mutually-supporting group of pilots and aviation aficionados with a passionate interest in flying and, in particular, flying the Navion airplane. For several decades these enthusiastic people have been gathering from time to time for aviation events, flying contests, information-sharing, banquets, and even foreign travel. This is the Midwest chapter of a branch of the American Navion Association. Its members include folks from many parts of the United States.

You’ll see some of the activities of this group in the picture below. For a more personal view, check out the videos by clicking here.



Midwest Navioneers enjoy an outstanding fly-in near Dayton, Ohio.

It was as if Wilbur and Orville Wright had stepped out of history to give us a personal tour of the aviation industry they started. The Navioneers who flew in landed at the Wright Brothers Airport (KMGY), where many photographs and relics of those earliest days of aviation surrounded us. Alongside one of the two FBOs on the field is a small dedicated museum that modestly displays authentic photos of the Wrights, and even an airworthy Wright Flyer Model B replica. Just down the road was the Hilton Garden Inn, a brand new hotel that served as our headquarters. We spent Friday time-traveling back to the places where the brothers got their start. We marveled at seeing the actual tools they used, the wind tunnel they constructed, the bicycles they made and used for their early experiments with airfoils, and we saw Wilbur and Orville in action in very rare videos. We saw an authentic 1905 Wright Flyer III--not a replica but an actual 121-year-old aircraft, beutifully restored under supervision by Orville Wright himself!

On Saturday we spent the day exploring the biggest, most spectacular aviation museum in the world, the United States Air Force Museum at Dayton. The displays start with the earliest attepts at aviation and extend through developments that produced tranportation around the world, military machines to protect our civilization, aircraft to carry our presidents, vehicles to explore space, and every aspect of our efforts to rise above our terrestrial existence. And yes, there was a Navion, an L-17, proudly displayed in a prominent place!

We enjoyed the company of some of the great people who are members of Midwest Navioneers. We shared some fine meals at a variety of interesting restaurants and we saw some wonderful things that can never be exceeded--until the next Midwest Navioneers fly-in, of course!


Dick and Cookie WRight brothers Looking at the Flyer
Dick Bihler and Cookie explore a mini-Wright Flyer
Orville and Wilber--the guys who started it all.
Checking out the flyable Wright Flyer B replica.
Viewing Flyer Orville quote Engine damage
Volunteers run the Flyer B museum and are full of tales.
Orville and Wilbur had lots of impressive ideas.
Damaged engine parts make way for a new Flyer B powerplant.

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